Are you fed up with being hindered by issues related to past events?


Are you frustrated by continual conflict in relationships you just can’t seem to work through alone?



Looking for a mental health therapist in Durham NC, Chapel Hill NC, or surrounding areas? My name is Maria Rodriguez-Fischer and I can help. I am a mental health therapist, licensed clinical social worker, and I have my masters in social work.  If you are an individual, a couple, a family or a business owner, please contact me today and begin a new path to enjoy fully what you desire in life.


• Learn to experience your life more fully as you create more stability, well-being, fulfillment and success by focusing your energies on removing obstacles that have been preventing you from achieving your goals.


• Get guidance and assistance in defining goals and implementing accountability structure to reach personal and career objectives.


Don’t wait. It is not a question of when; the only question is are you happy where you are? If the answer is not yes, then the answer to “when?” is always NOW. Contact me now and let's begin the journey together.

I am a mental health therapist in Durham NC who cares.



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