Month: April 2015

mental health specialist

Mental Health Specialist

Use a Mental Health Specialist When Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Don’t delay. Use a mental health specialist when caring for your mental health. In this day and age Mental Health issues are being discussed more openly than in the past. However, it is still not treated with the same level of importance as other issues related to our physical health.

mental healthWe can see the disparity when we look at health insurance plans where the number of visits in a year to a mental health therapist (psychotherapist) is numbered. If visits to our medical doctors were also limited to a certain number of times per year, we would have to try to avoid getting sick or simply not go to the doctor when we are sick. This is only one way that care for our mental health falls behind other areas related to our well-being.

It is unfortunate that awareness of the importance of taking care of our mental health is brought to the forefront mostly after some incident rallies individuals to action in the area of mental health. As a mental health specialist, I believe it is important to have mental health be an integral part on the journey for personal well-being.

Use a Mental Health Specialist For Preventive Mental Health Care

As part of being and remaining mentally healthy, it is important to pay attention to our thoughts about ourselves and others, and to our emotions. This can become part of a mental health test for you.  Just as we have to pay attention to our body as it changes and develops aches and pain, we should watch out for emotional and psychological pain and for changes in our thoughts and mood.

It would be great if we could go to mental health check-ups and practice preventive mental health care. However, most of the time preventive mental health care does not take place, which is why we must carry out self-evaluations of our mental state and rely on others we trust and who want to see us healthy in mind and body. Mental health specialists want to help you prevent mental health issues and not wait until a major incident occurs.

If you believe that your current mental state is not typical for you and you feel stuck after trying to feel emotionally better on your own, professional assistance is available and may offer relief and improvement of symptoms. Contact me, I am a mental health specialist in the Durham and Chapel Hill communities and I want to help you become mentally healthy.

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