Couples Therapy

Couples Counseling Chapel Hill and Durham

Couples therapy in Chapel Hill and Durham offers individuals in a relationship the opportunity of resolving difficulties and conflicts, which the couple has been unable to handle effectively on their own. Through therapy the couple achieves a clearer understanding of themselves and their partner. This helps them to identify any changes that need to take place to improve the relationship. Couples therapy also helps to identify their motivation to work on improving the relationship.
couples counselingCommon complaints that lead couples to seek therapy include difficulties in communicating with one another, frequent or constant arguments, difficulties in having emotional needs fulfilled, financial concerns and disagreement about parenting issues. Couples who seek therapy feel that the issues they are dealing with, although common in a relationship, are not being resolved even when they have made an effort to resolve these issues on their own. Individuals in a relationship may have a buildup of frustration and disappointment that over time makes it more and more difficult to resolve the issues. At times couple therapy may be sought as a result of a critical event, such as an affair, sudden loss of interest from one or both partners or a traumatic event, such as an illness or loss in the family.  Another reason for seeking therapy may be that one spouse may feel that they are in an abusive relationship and they are interested in ending the cycle of domestic violence in the relationship.  All of the above make couples therapy in Chapel Hill and Durham invaluable.

Couples Therapy Chapel Hill and Durham

In couples therapy the couple works with a professional who has been trained to be an objective third party, who will listen in a non-judgmental manner to help them identify difficult and detrimental areas in the relationship. The therapist is there to support the couple as the partners come up with alternative ways of dealing with situations that are problematic.

couples therapyWhile in therapy, the couple will work on defining what it is that they would like to improve in their relationship and will develop skills to maintain desired changes and to identify their strengths and vulnerabilities. This will assist them in resolving difficult situations they may face. The couple works to recognize what a good and healthy relationship looks like to them. They learn to manage conflict and differences without despair or threats and they learn how to protect the relationship and make it a priority. Couples therapy also offers the individuals the opportunity to communicate wants, needs, feelings and emotional problems while learning to be more understanding and compassionate with each other.

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