Parenting Support

Parenting Support

Parents today are faced with a different family and work culture than parents in the past. Raising children today takes more planning and organization skills as parents and children try to keep up with our busy society. In addition to outside factors affecting families and parenting issues are other factors that affect parents and their parenting styles or interactions.

Parents may have unresolved issues from their own childhood experiences which have left them with a deficient model of parenting. They might have experienced domestic violence, neglect, and/or abuse of some kind. They might have witnessed or experienced substance abuse or their parents’ difficult divorce.

Other times parents may suffer an illness or biological problems that lead to difficulties in having a good parent-child relationship. Parents may feel at times that the parenting challenges they face are overwhelming and they may not have all the answers or the tools to deal with these challenges. They may be dealing with a child who is constantly on the move or who might be oppositional and they may wonder if that is normal behavior. Maybe their child may get bullied at school or bully someone else.

Parenting Support: More Issues

Other times there may be question regarding substance abuse or setting limits for younger or older children. These are some of examples of when a parent may need someone who could provide guidance and support or normalize a situation. On occasions, challenging situations faced by some parents may exacerbate parental mental health issues or lead to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, constant irritability, or problems managing anger. Most parents recognize that the most important job they have is that of paying attention and raising their children to be healthy human beings. This can at times be intimidating, especially if there are stressful or negative factors already affecting parents.

Parenting support during therapy can alleviate stress due to difficulties in parenting in many ways. Parents may receive support by discussing concerns and seeking information and education on various child related topics. Parents can get help while exploring their parenting style and through being exposed to more positive ways of parenting they may develop better relationships with their children. Parents work with the therapist to come up with interventions that will facilitate the changes they want to make. The therapist provides strategies and tools utilizing the parent’s own strengths to help the parents reach their goals in this area.



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