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Looking for counseling in Durham NC?

counseling durhamCounseling is a process where a trained mental health professional engages with a person or persons to develop a confidential professional relationship that focuses on resolving personal difficulties. Counseling provides an opportunity to talk to a professional who is a skilled listener trained in the science of psychology and human behavior. The objective of counseling psychology is to help with clarification of issues, development of insight into feelings and thoughts and teaching how to deal effectively with problems. Most people experience occasional difficulties that can interfere with their success or sense of well-being. A counselor assists individuals in identifying their own strengths, gain insight into ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, and guide them through a process of change and growth. Therapy can help you understand what is getting in the way of making the changes to lead to the life you want for yourself.

New Pathways Counseling and Coaching Provides Counseling in Durham NC

Counseling can lead to finding ways of dealing with stressful life events and circumstances. The counselor helps you analyze and respond to internal pressures and negative attitudes towards yourself or others. This may include developing a new set of coping strategies or helping you to refine those already in use.

It can be difficult to begin counseling due to fears or even feelings of embarrassment. But most individuals find that once they seek counseling, they feel some relief and hope because they begin proactively to deal with the issues that are affecting them negatively.

Ideally, counseling services are terminated when the problem that you pursued counseling for becomes more manageable or is resolved. Counseling may be short term from four to twelve sessions to a longer term. Treatment plans are client centered and developed according to each individual’s needs.

counseling-psychologyCounseling centers like this one which provides counseling Durham NC offer clients a way to gain perspective on behavior, emotions and relationships. Through the collaborative process between mental health therapist and client patterns of thinking are identified and feelings are expressed, some of which might have been experienced for a very long time. Counseling alleviates anxiety, depression and anger to name a few mental health issues. It helps develop communication skills for dealing with conflict and frustration. It is a means for working through loss and grief and adding meaning to your life.  Marriage counseling and couples therapy is very often sought after.

Counseling is a way to be empowered and is recommended for those who are ready to face obstacles and want to experience happiness and well-being. Contact New Pathways Counseling and Coaching located in Durham NC; we help individuals achieve personal satisfaction.

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