Family Therapy

Family Therapy Treatment

Family therapy supports family members when dealing with specific issues that may be affecting relationships or individuals in the family in a negative manner. Families may seek therapy after experiencing stressful situations which in turn may strain family relationships. Events leading to stress in the family may include financial problems, divorce, domestic violence, the death of a loved one to name a few.

Family therapy is also recommended when there are mental health concerns that have a detrimental impact on the family as a whole. Some of these mental health concerns which may be present are depression, substance abuse, chronic illness, communication problems, interpersonal conflict, or behavioral problems in children and adolescents.

In family counseling therapist are there to facilitate interactions that bring understanding and collaboration among family members. Family therapy focuses on interactions among the members that may be maintaining problematic behaviors. The family works to identify patterns that are keeping them from having the relationships they envision for their family.

Therapy assists family members in recognizing their strengths which can help to solve the problems that brought them to therapy in the first place. Family therapy aids the members to uncover the origin of a problem and work proactively to bring about the change they would like to see.

The Benefits Of Family Therapy

There are many benefits to participating in family therapy. Most individuals had challenges growing up in their own families of origin and had to deal with issues which might have never been resolved. Having the opportunity to access help to deal with present family issues may lead individuals to resolve past issues.

This in turn may help to understand and identify the obstacles they have been facing. Family members become aware of their own role in the conflict leading to positive changes and making their family ties stronger. Therapy also teaches the family members skills to maintain positive changes. It teaches family members how to have healthy and loving interactions.

Family therapy at times may be a primary treatment or a complementary treatment offered to individuals or to those in couple’s counseling. It may be beneficial for family members, while family therapy takes place, to also pursue individual therapy. Also it is very important to work together with your therapist in developing interventions that are individualized and based on the needs of the family since families, just as individuals, may respond more favorably to one family therapy model over another.

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