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developing social skills

Developing Social Skills

Developing social skills is very important to our well-being. A sense of belonging, friendships, intimacy, affection and love are all basic needs that are experienced by individuals during their life time. To be able to fulfill these needs we need to have the ability to interact with others in a satisfying and positive manner. That is why having good social skills is of great importance.

Social skills are defined as the ability to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. Human beings use many forms of communication to share messages, thoughts and feelings with others. To be able to fall within the acceptable norm of communication or have the skills that are necessary socially, most of us have to follow familial and societal rules that let us know what the acceptable social behavior is in our environment. Originally, the societal rules allowed people to survive as they organized into groups to provide protection and support to each other. Developing social skills was essential to remaining part of the group.  Now, good social skills are needed for success in most types of relationships and is expressed well in Effective Communication Improving Your Social Skills.

Developing Good Social Skills is Even More Important Today

Today the importance of having good social skills has increased. We live in a society where being included as part of the group necessitates being able to communicate effectively and social skills are part of the process of communication. With today’s technology some might say that communication is easier to carry out even with poor social skills; however as humans, we still experience the basic need to belong and have human contact. Good social skills facilitate a smooth transition into different social situations where one is more easily allowed into different groups, from work groups to friendships to networking to family relationships. People are more likely to allow others into their groups if they are able to pick up on social cues and are perceptive as they make use of their social skills.

When comparing social skills to other skills, including academic abilities, it has been found that social skills help us in adapting to our social environment leading to a more successful life.
Interestingly, it is our development of social skills and abilities that allow us to be more independent as we are able to rely on our own interactions to produce good results in fulfilling our basic needs.

Some suggestions in improving and developing social skills are:

  • start small
  • talk with individuals you know
  • practice over and over talking to others even if it is just saying hello or thank you

Observing others and emulating those with positive social skills is a good way of learning good social skills. Other suggestions include:

If you think you may need guidance developing social skills, please reach out to me. I am Maria Rodriguez-Fischer and my phone number is 919-401-8261.

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